• All Board Certified Dermatopathologists
• Clear, Specific Diagnosis and Reports
• Complete Access to Dermatopathologists
• Full Range of Dermatopathology Laboratory Services
• CAP Accredited

Client Service
• Nationwide
• 48 hr. turn-around time on all routine specimens
• All critical cases are phoned to your office upon diagnosis. 'Rush' results reported to you immediately
• Daily Courier Service
• All calls are answered by 'live' experienced personnel - with no phone trees or run-arounds

• EHR - EMR Direct Interface
• On-line Web Portal
• PDF Downloads
• Email
• Hand Delivery

Billing Service
• Certified provider for Medicare and many other insurance plans and networks
  - download current provider list
• Billing explanation cards for your patients
• Call one number (888-898-8010) for all billing inquires
• Phones are answered directly by 'live' experienced billing personnel
• Patients are treated with respect and sensitivity

Account Set up
• Call today get your account set up immediately - 866-825-4422
• Nationwide Service
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